Hospital Consultants - Voluntary Disclosure Announcement from HMRC

HMRC have today published online details of their Tax Health Plan (THP), through which HMRC are encouraging Hospital Consultants to make a voluntary disclosure of any unpaid duty. A reduced fixed penalty of 10% is being offered for full and accurate disclosures, subject to certain other conditions.


Whilst the THP does not explicitly say so, as highlighted in our bulletin, HMRC are looking for Hospital Consultants to disclose undeclared commission (such as practice awards) and/or fees received from medical insurers. HMRC has already issued formal notices to BUPA, Sun Life and other institutions to obtain details of commissions and has identified upwards of 800 potential enquiry cases.


The deadline for notifying HMRC of an intention to make a disclosure is 31 March 2010. The disclosure itself then has to be made by 30 June 2010 on the forms available from the HMRC website.


If you would like advice on enquiries in this area or further background information, Paul Sadler would be pleased to hear from you on 01582 766677.